For a long time I have wanted to start a website for people who have a passion to collect vintage California tile and tile top tables.

My idea was to create a place where people who collect vintage tiles can come and do some research on what they have, and possibly make some connections and

make some new friends in the process.

   Over the years I have developed a passion to collect vintage California tile and tile top tables.

                                                         It seems like an addiction that needs to be satisfied.

I have found much joy in getting up early in the morning, and searching with

a flashlight at an outdoor show for the tile top tables that were being offered for sale.

 Whenever I travel to a big monthly show, I always

hope to bring home some nice California tile or a tile table to add to my collection.

I have made many new friends along the way and I am very glad for this!! I find that the

people I have met who also collect tile are very friendly, and always want to share what they have learned with me.

For this reason, I wanted to create this site. I wanted to be a meeting place for tile collectors, and

for those who are just getting started in the collecting and admiring of vintage tile. There are many reproductions out there, but I want to focus on vintage tile (1880-1930's) and relating items from that era.

This site is a place for people who would like to learn about vintage tile, and a place where they can come together and share in the joy of collecting.

At you can buy, sell, and do some research all at the same time, and all at the same place.


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