Muresque Tiles and many other Treasures!

I have had such a great time digging through the dirt and finding some really incredible tiles and other historical items at the Muir estate. There were rooms stacked to the ceiling with tiles and there were treasures everywhere if you were willing to search. I literally dug some tiles out of the ground and also pulled them from under wood planks and debris that had been untouched for many many years. I spent many days searching through years of NOS tiles from the 1930's - 1970's. We named the rooms there the "Tile Graveyard" which is a very appropriate name. Many thanks to Suzi and Karen for all the help and time spent searching for treasures.

 For the difficult job of taking the tile murals out of the walls, I called my friends Eric and Wanda Ramos. They own an architectual salvage called located in Whittier Ca at 6753 Bright ave 90601. They are experts in tile salvage and have done jobs all over the USA and have even done work for the Wrigley estate on Catalina Island. They are simply the best and when I saw all the murals at the estate they immediatley came to mind. If you have a need of their services you can contact them at 562-761-2682  and as well you can visit their website at - You can contact Eric by email at .

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Check out this AWESOME Claycraft 12x16 inch tile removed from the dining room wall - Im keepin this one! Mr Muir thought enough of this tile to put it in the wall in his home and I can see why. Its a rare art tile to say the least and one of my favorite from the estate. Thanks Eric for all the hard work!



Here are some photos of the areas I have been digging in...

Now you will see why we call it the "Tile Graveyard"