Recent finds for 2011

Well I have not worked on the site for some time now due mainly to our friends in China/Singapore constantly trying to hack my computer. They would like to destroy my website and business due to the fact that they own and want to own my domain name too - SORRY YOU WILL NEVER GET IT - I WILL OWN IT FOR A LONG TIME!!!
Ok now that my rant is over, on to the great stuff I have found this year. I have plenty of photos of the many things I have found the last few couple years and I will place them here on this page, and as well I will be updating my recent finds all the time now so come back to see what treasures I have found - and yes MOST ARE FOR SALE so send a message if you want to take a look at something.

Most of these items are from the estate, but I will add photos of all the cool things I have found in the past year.


Some great shots of the 2011 Golden California Show


Rare Matt Carlton

Well I went to the central coast yesterday and did a whole lotta searching in Arroyo Grande, Lompoc, and Los Alamos. I needed a break just to see the ocean and enjoy some different scenery. Well, as I was taking a look around in the first shop I stopped in, I found a few really rare items.

I have never owned a Matt Carlton "hands on hips" vase and this one is my first. I have seen many of them but I have never seen a black one in this size. Measuring in at 14 inches high it certainly is a great item. Yes it will be for sale :-) 

As I was paying for the items I purchased (I bought other non pottery items) I walked over to a case and found these really rare California Faience tiles that had been taken out of and installation from somewhere ( oh how I wish I knew where the rest of these tiles were). Cal Faience tiles are near impossible to find. The round tiles you do see of course are trivets and are really great, but to find this type is near impossible. Out of all the tiles I have ever owned, these are the only two tiles from this company I have ever owned - rare to say the least.

California Faience

Claycraft Panels

Calco Bookends I found at the Rose Bowl in December