26 Miles Across the Sea...

Well, this past week the Boss and I went to the coast in search of some goodies. It was raining here in town, but when we made it over to the Monterey area, the sun was shining and it was a great day. On the way, we stopped in San Juan Bautista. It is a quaint town and there are actually quite a few shops to see there. As I stepped into the first shop, I found this great large Garden City pot & tray with a very nice succulent plant in it. This one will obviously be staying in our house! There was also another nice old pot and I have no idea who made it.

In Moss Landing, I found a nice Taylor tile table, and a great Catalina drink/smoke stand. The tile colors are really great. This little treasure is for sale so email me if you are interested. Seeing the stand just made me wonder how many cool pottery items must have been for sale in the pottery shop on Catalina Island.


On Saturday, I went to my first estate sale in 4 years. The estate had many tile tables and garden pots and that sort of thing. While I did not buy the tile tables there (too expensive!) I did buy many of the garden pots, plant hangers and plant stands. There was also a nice #2 Bauer olla that was overlooked and I bought that as well. One really nice plant hanger had a space built in for a 4 inch tile. It just so happened that I had a nice Tudor tile that I had purchased from Rick Petteford, so I set it in the frame.


 This is a Gladding McBean Galleon tile that I set into a really nice wrought frame. I always liked this tile and this frame compliments it nicely.

-LA Pottery Show-

This past weekend, my friend George and I took a trip south to good ole Pasadena California. The weather was perfect, and we were ready to shop. As soon as we walked in the door, I went to visit with one of my favorite pottery and tile dealers Rick Petteford. After a few minutes of wheeling and dealing, I ended up buying a great D&M table with an oak base and round tiles in a Persian floral design.

So once again, I spent most of my money in not even 10 minutes!  George also purchased a nice D&M 8" tile and a set of parrot tiles from Rick as well. If you have never shopped with Rick, you should do so as he always has great pottery and tile, and his prices are very fair.

As I strolled around the show, I noticed that the prices on many items were very fair. Last year, the prices seemed to be on the high side. I held off buying many different items, and I am glad that I did!   Right before we were leaving for lunch, I saw a great D&M table w/(4) 8" tiles set in iron. I have  always wanted this pattern, and it usually sells for over 1000 dollars--this one was 650. I walked away from it and it kept calling to me so I went back. After a little haggling, I bought this gem for 575, and my shopping adventures were over!

The rest of our weekend found us snooping around in the shops down on Fair Oaks, and early Sunday morning we were out with flashlights at the Rose Bowl. Since I was out of money I helped George to find things. Surprisingly enough, there was only one tile table at the whole market, and as we walked up on it, it was being sold!  DOH!!  But hey--who cares  :-)    George did find what was in my opinion, the best thing there: A large 1920's hand tinted photo of Catalina Islands Avalon. It is such a great piece and as soon as I can get a photo of it, I will post it.  But the best thing we found was a stuffed Raccoon. It looked like it was still alive!  George did not even own it more than 1 hour and he sold it!!  LOL 

Without giving up my sources, all I can say about this tile table is that "The early bird gets the worm"

These tiles were made by Taylor and they are very rare. This is a very nice silk screened tile set in a round pattern measuring 16 inches across. The top is very large and as a whole, the table looks really nice. The colors are warm with just enough turquoise to liven it up. I think that this pattern is unusual. I have seen one other tile table like this that was for sale at the Golden California Show. This table will be making its home in my living room as a coffee table, and yes I do drink coffee off this table!

Here are a few other little treasures that have popped up in the past 2 weeks or so: