We have a large selection of collectible books

Another booth with fine victorian offerings

Antique rifles and an Edison cylinder record player

4th Street Antiques has a large selection of Advertising

More advertising

We have the LARGEST selection of art pottery in the city--this is just a sample

Advertising, lighting and Stickley

Fishing lures and tackle

A custom fantasy window created by the San Francisco glass company

At 4th Street we have a large selection of vintage lighting at all times

We also have many antique firearms and swords

View of some lighting and furniture

A good selection of lamps

Victorian glass and sterling silver

We have many dealers that specialize in Art Pottery

A large Roseville vase for sale

A Panama umbrella stand

We also have a large selection of California pottery such as Bauer

There are a few dealers here who specialize in Victorian clothing and linens

A very nice booth

We always have great furniture pieces and we have dealers who make special trips back east to get it

A large selection of collectible toys and bakelite

A specialty dealers booth with everything from toys to political items

We have 2 dealers who specialize in Sun Colored Glass and we always have a large inventory

Victorian Furniture

We usually have at least 3 victorian era fireplace mantels for sale- ready to install in your home

And of course we usually have many tile tables for sale at all times

Here is my booth full of goodies!! Tile tables everywhere.

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