ART TILES:  Decorated tiles fashioned with artistic creativity.

BLACK LINE:  The same as DRY LINE but color is added to create a black line between colors.

CRAZING:  Small, fine cracks in a glaze.

CUENCA:  Spanish word for "basin".  Raised lines separate colors on the tile.

CUERDA SECA:  Spanish for "dry string".  Wax coated string is used to separate different colored glazes.  Also known as WAX RESIST.

DRY LINE:  Oil is used to create a dry line between colors on a tile. Similar to WAX RESIST 

ENCAUSTIC:  Translated from Greek, meaning "to burn".  Two types of clay pressed together to form a tile.

EXTRUDED:  Tile that is cut out from a metal die.

FAIENCE:  Glazed and decorated tiles with a bisque background.

FIELD TILE:  Commonly used in construction, usually in solid, plain colors.

GLAZE:  The fired coating on a tile.

GROUT:  Material used in between tiles to hold them together in installed applications.

MOORISH:  Decorating style derived from Spain.  Inspired by the Moors.

RAISED LINE:  Same as CUENCA.  Raised lines separating colors on a tile.

HISPANO-MORESQUE:  Decorating style originating in Spain.

SLIP:  Solution of clay and water.

SILK SCREEN:  Method of decorating tiles by forcing glaze through a silk screen allowing many colors to be used.

TIN GLAZE:  A glaze using tin oxide.

WAX RESIST:  Wax coated string is used to separate different colored glazes.  Same as CUERDA SECA.