If you have a particular item you are looking for, please send your submission with contact info to: watt7777@aol.com and I will post your want ad here.     (E-mail addresses only.)  Thank you!

WANTED -- Iron/wood based tile tables, loose tile and tile murals. Tile related items. Please contact Eric at watt7777@aol.com        THANKS!!!

WANTED -- Loose tile and tile tables. Also collecting art pottery ( Van Briggle and production Rookwood ) . Please contact Jenifer at  jenifermann@yahoo.com     Thank you  :-)

WANTED -- Garden pottery and oil jars from all makers.  California ceramics.  Also seeking Roseville and other pottery. Please contact George at  ghuddleston@sbcglobal.net

WANTED -- Bauer pottery, especially Matt Carlton - Oil jars/Garden pottery.  Garden city items--Tile and tile related items. Please contact Mike at   yesterware@bak.rr.com

WANTED -- (1) center tiles for the Taylor race track tile design similar to this tile:   Please contact Eric at watt7777@aol.com with description of condition and asking price.        02/07/2008

WANTED -- I am looking for ANY of the D&M tile series that have scenes in them and ESPECIALLY the carriage scene/ Spanish/mission/ship tiles:

D&M Fisherman Tile D&M

Courtesy of Karen Michelle Antique Tiles   Please contact Eric at:  watt7777@aol.com  

WANTED -- Old art tile with ginkgo leaves, any size  e-mail address is:  mhoyt@actransit.org     Thank you!!

WANTED -- I am looking for  an original 2"x2" Catalina island tile - yellow...high gloss finish made from red clay.

Thank you,